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Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs: A complete Guide in 2024

Ayam Cemani chicken Eggs are known for their dark appearance and produce eggs that are as unique as the bird itself. Cemani chicken eggs are known for their unique taste and texture. These eggs have a distinctive black shell that distinguishes them from normal chicken eggs. They are bred using a rare Indonesian chicken known for its black feathers. Cemani chicken eggs are not only beautiful to look at but also tasty and nutritious, making them a popular food for chicken lovers. The abstract and the physical. Discover the benefits of Ayam Cemani eggs and learn more about their ingredients and ingredients.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs Color

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs

The skin of Cemani hen eggs is very dark in color, usually dark brown to almost black. The unique egg color is a result of Cemani chicken genetics. This species is characterized by a black exterior including wings, skin, and interior. The dark color of Cemani chicken eggs is derived from the high melanin content in the reproductive system. Cemani chicken eggs are distinguished from other types of chickens by different colors, making them more attractive to collectors and enthusiasts.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs Price

Recognized for its black figure, the Ayam Cemani chicken is respected for its uniqueness and sweetness, which is imitated in its price. The Cemani chicken is one of the most valued chickens in the world, valued at up to $2,500. The exclusive heredities of this breed, its restricted disposal, and its social importance are around of the details why this breed is affluent. Ayam Cemani chickens are sought after by breeders, collectors, and hobbyists for their beauty and desirable genetic traits. Because of its beauty, versatility, and ability to give birth to rare babies, many believe its price is high.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs Size

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs

Cemani chickens are famous for their unique appearance and beautiful black feathers. It is quick, then profuse and beefy. These kinds of chickens classically weigh among 1.5 and 2 kilograms (3.3 and 4.4 pounds), while even chickens weigh between 2 and 2.5 kilograms (4.4 and 5.5 pounds). Scorn their minor size related to other chickens, Cemani chickens are very famed for their exclusive heredities and lovely arrival. Their small size makes them ideal for large poultry farms or backyard chicken coops, where they can be bred to display their beautiful black feathers.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs Meat

Ayam Cemani is famed not only for its beautiful eyes but also for its uncommon substance. These chickens are famed for their sweetened and loving meat, and scorn their minor size, they are careful a sturdiness in countless parts of the world. Ayam Cemani is famous for its profound taste and black meat that contests the black color. Payable to their small size, Ayam Cemani chickens do not food much meat, but payable to their single taste and arrival, their meat is very respected by food experts and fanatics.

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs Price

Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs
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Anya Ayam Cemani Chicken Eggs are appreciated for their unusual and unique appearance. Ayam Cemani is known for its distinctive color reflected in its black feathers. Cemani chickens are in high demand in the market because they are rare and popular among collectors and breeders. Cemani chicken eggs are priced between USD 590 and USD 1,200 per egg depending on availability, quality, and pedigree. The specialty of Ayam Cemani eggs and their popularity among poultry enthusiasts and lovers of rare species is reflected in their high prices.


Finally, Semani chicken eggs are prevalent because of their unique and unusual appearance. These eggs are very popular among breeders and collectors because their hard, black shells match the color of Cemani chickens. The market offers a unique look at a premium price. As a unique addition to your collection or farm, Ayam Cemani eggs are very popular. Enthusiasts value the rarity of these items, increasing their secrecy. Overall, Cemani chicken eggs are a testament to the charm and beauty of this unique breed.


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