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Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Breed Complete Guide in 2024

Welcome to the delightful world of the Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel, where beauty and grace come together to create a warm, beautiful, feathery song. Bird lovers around the world love this beloved bird for its rich cinnamon-red color with subtle brown and chocolate accents. We begin our review of the Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel’s unique characteristics, care needs and beautiful appearance with this introduction. Get ready to admire the beauty of this pet bird, a member of the Cockatiel family known for its charming presence, from its temperament to its beautiful appearance.

Species Overview

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel
Source: istock.com
Common NamesCinnamon Pearl Cockatiel, Isabelle Cockatiel, Cinnamon Tiel, Cockatiel, Weiro, Quarrion
Scientific NameNymphicus hollandicus
Adult Height10–12 inches
Adult Weight3–4 ounces
Life Expectancy16–35 years

Origin & History

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel
Source: istock.com

Cockatiels are Australian birds but have been widely used as pets for over a century. Cockatiels also make very friendly companion birds, as they can live in flocks of up to several hundred individuals in the wild. Regulations passed in 1939 banning the export of native Australian birds also made it illegal to export cockatiels. This indicates that all cockatiels currently sold as pets are actually birds bred in captivity. The gene responsible for the appearance of cinnamon pearls is recessive. The first breeders of this gene were gray cockatiels, but as soon as breeders found unique variants of the gene, they began carefully selecting and breeding them. The Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel’s color is artificial as it is a descendant of selective breeding.

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Care

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel
Source: istock.com

Discover the nuances of caring for the beautiful Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel and ensure they are happy and healthy in your care. Consider important factors such as nutritional needs, housing needs, and emotional stimulation to support their well-being. This article provides a unique insight into the overall care of these beautiful birds, from providing a balanced nutritious diet to creating a rich environment with plenty of opportunities for exercise and socialization. Join us as we begin to develop a lifelong relationship with Cinnamon Cockatiels and their love and friendship.

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Diet

Discover the key to keeping your Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel healthy and vital with a balanced diet. To meet their nutritional needs, explore the proper nutritional basics, such as grains, pellets, fresh fruit, and vegetables. Consider the importance of moderation and diversity in preventing harm and improving the well-being of all. Get helpful tips on introducing new foods and adjusting your pooch’s diet to keep you healthy. Come on an adventure to enhance the beauty of your Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel and permanently extend the feathers’ life.

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Price

Variables that affect price differences between genders. This theme examines the subtleties of the bird market and explores gender differences in the price of cinnamon pearl cocktails. Male specimens average between $350 and $550, while female specimens typically cost between $200 and $350. These differences provide insight into economic trends in the pet bird trade and are influenced by factors such as genetics, color intensity, and breeder reputation.

Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel Male Or Female

considerations and determinants. This article will discuss and weigh the pros and cons of choosing between male and female cinnamon pearl cocktails. From differences in temperament to vocalizations, plumage patterns, and breeding considerations, explore the subtleties that influence the decision-making process of a potential owner. The purpose of this discussion is to inform individuals about the quality of their behavior and the potential dynamics of the relationship so that they can make informed choices tailored to their preferences and lifestyles.


Cinnamon Pearls in Cockatiels The cockatiel is a beautiful bird with distinctive plumage. These genetic mutations are not found in the wild, so the bird in question is simply the result of a selective breeding process. Beyond looks, cinnamon pearl cockatoos need the same things as other types of cockatoos. Due to their similar temperament, these birds are very sociable and thrive on bonding with their fellow birds, interacting regularly, and spending time together.

Cinnamon pearl cockatiels, like other cockatiels, are generally in fairly good health. These birds are likely to be healthy and happy because the gene that causes the color of cinnamon pearls is not known to cause health problems. With proper care, cockatiels can live up to 35 years, so keep that in mind before bringing home cinnamon beads.


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