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Dalmatian Crested Gecko: Information, Images, and Beginner’s Care Guide

The Dalmatian Crested Gecko was among the Crested Geckos thought to be extinct until 1994. Due to its distinctive arrival and ease of care, this classis has become increasingly popular as a pet meanwhile its rediscovery. You may not know closely how to care for geckos because geckos are not pets in general. If so, the following information will help you as a learner in Dalmatian Crested Gecko care. Now, let’s go.

Do Dalmatian Crested Geckos Make Good Pets?

dalmatian crested gecko
Image Credit: Noah Moralis, Shutterstock

The uniqueness, ease of care, and qualified comfort level of Dalmatian Crested Geckos make them great companions. Dalmatian Crested Geckos are not mainly dangerous, although handling them may make you wary. It’s surprising to identify that geckos bite when they feel threatened, but geckos rarely get wounded or bleed. However, as of their calm nature, Dalmatian Crested Geckos are less possible to bite. Kids and beginners love reptiles to retain as pets.

Dalmatian Crested Gecko Appearance

dalmatian crested gecko
Image by: Alysa Tarrant, Shutterstock

Officially referred to as morphs, crested geckos display a varied variety of colors and designs. Like the dalmatian, as you might have predicted, the Dalmatian Crested Gecko has black and white spots. This gecko is different because its crest looks like eyelashes and starts above the eyes. The exact length of this crest varies from one gecko to another, down to the neckline and back.

How to Take Care of Dalmatian Crested Gecko

dalmatian crested gecko
Image Credit: reptiles4all, Shutterstock

Compared to other reptiles, crested geckos are easier to care for, which is one of their rewards. Your Dalmatian Crested Gecko can live a happy and healthy life if its habitat is achieved well.

Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup

Everything you need to recognize about your Dalmatian Crested Gecko’s setup, environment, and tank condition is provided below:


Choose a terrarium that can embrace at least 20 gallons, but grows well. A terrarium housing two or three Crested Geckos should be 29 gallons. Only one male should be kept per fish bowl. You need a tank with a close-fitting lid. This gecko can climb like a pro and escape in instants. Give him gecko twigs, bamboo, corks and other ascending objects. To stop the growth of bacteria, these chambers must be cleaned regularly. We recommend using reptile-safe products to thoroughly clean the terrarium once a month and housework it once a day.


Because crested geckos are diurnal animals, they academically do not need UV light. However, low levels of UV lighting have been exposed to be beneficial for reptile health. Make sure your gecko always has a place to hide from bright.

Heating (Temperature & Humidity)

Keeping crested geckos healthy requires heating. Because they are cold-blooded, these animals cannot control their own body disease. As a result, there must be a temperature gradient within the enclosure.

Maintain a temperature gradient between 72- and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Reduce the gradient to 75 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night. To ensure the temperature is as specified, use an illness probe.

For your gecko, humidity is an important additional component. 60% is the ideal humidity level during the day, and 80% is the ideal humidity level at night. Regular misting will help you increase moisture, especially at night when geckos are most active.


The material that lines the bottom of the boiler is called the substrate. It is best to use a substrate consisting of peat moss, coconut fiber, or moss. Although less fashionable, tissue and newspaper can also be used. Sand, gravel, or gravel should not be used.

Feeding Your Dalmatian Crested Gecko

Due to their diurnal nature, Dalmatian Crested Geckos require a nocturnal diet. Adults only need to eat three times a week, but children need to eat every day.

The easiest way to feed your gecko is to use commercial feed and add insects such as crickets, cockroaches, silkworms and waxworms. To ensure that your gecko gets all the calcium and vitamin D3 it needs, it is important to choose insects that have a full stomach.

Your Dalmatian Crested Gecko can give crushed fruit as a treat. They especially like passion fruit, pears, mangoes, bananas and nectarines.

Keeping Your Dalmatian Crested Gecko Healthy

The easiest way to keep your Dalmatian Crested Gecko healthy is with food and shelter. For these animals, it is only useful to monitor temperature and humidity.

Another important step in keeping your gecko healthy is to make sure it gets enough calcium and vitamin D3. By adding an insect-repellent powder and a vitamin to your gecko’s food, you can ensure that it gets these vitamins.

Common Health Issues

Common health problems with Dalmatian Crested Geckos are skin conditions, respiratory diseases and tongue problems. Any of these three problems can be caused by too much moisture or can be exacerbated by a poor diet.

Dalmatian Crested Gecko Lifespan

In the wild, rock geckos live for five to ten years. With proper care in captivity, it can live for 10 to 20 years, and the Crested Gecko can live on the long spectrum if you provide it with the right food and shelter.


If you are just starting out, rocky geckos should be one of the best birds to start breeding. Usually you just need to put a male and a female together, and they will mate on the same day or within a few days.

A breeding pair can be kept in one bag each year. Although it’s rare, men sometimes feel the same anxiety that women do. Prepare a crib for the woman to sleep in for eight or nine months after giving birth. When these eggs are laid, you will plant them.

Are Dalmatian Crested Gecko Friendly? Our Handling Advice

The Dalmatian Crested Gecko is a peaceful and non-aggressive animal. Because they are smaller and more agile, they are quite difficult to catch. These creatures often get out of control, and this can be scary.

Since these geckos are more active during the day, we recommend that you contact them at that time. Another good technique to try is hand walking, which means letting the gecko run from hand to hand. Gecko play is similar to slinky play, but different.

Shedding & Brumation: What to Expect

There is a season of shedding and brumation in rocky geckos. These creatures cannot sleep well during brumation; Instead, they are inactive. If you are planning on breeding Crested Geckos, you may want to brumate them.

Although it is not visible, the younger generation are the biggest spenders. About once every two months, adults should let it go. During the breeding season, you may want to increase the water and humidity a bit. Make sure to clean the hole well.

Dalmatian Crested Gecko Price

Crested gecko prices range from $40 to $150. The exact price may vary depending on where you choose to buy your gecko and how rare its color is. Smaller than other Dalmatian Crested Gecko species. This will cost you about $100.

If you don’t want to spend $100 on a Crested Gecko, you can buy more morphs at your local pet store.

Final Thoughts

For beginners and hobbyists, the Dalmatian Crested Gecko makes an excellent pet. Compared to other geckos, they are easier to care for and comfortable around people. Not to mention, if you want to try this breed, it’s not difficult.

The most important thing to remember is that they have temperature and humidity requirements. They can care for others easily because of it!


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