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Freshwater Flounder Complete Guide

A type of saltwater freshwater flounder native to South America is called the flounder. Both of their eyes were located on the top of their strangely shaped bodies, which were completely flat.

Because they are ground fish. Therefore, they can be found at the bottom of river mouths and oceans. They blend in with their surroundings by lying flat on the surface. This fish is classified as a flat-bodied fish.

Freshwater Flounder Fish Species

A group of fish that are not related to each other is called flounder. Even though they come from different families. But it is ranked in the same sub-rank. Pleuronectoidei Families are divided into those with right eyes and those with left eyes. The most common are the European, summer, and Dusky flounder.

Freshwater Flounder Fish Appearance

freshwater flounder

Because flounder are benthic animals or feed on the bottom of lakes or seas. Its appearance is therefore attractive. Although each species has different characteristics, But they all can be 8 to 37 inches (20-94 cm) long, with a width only half that length. Because of its strange smoothness These objects thus act as camouflage. Therefore, it can blend into the seabed.

The flounder’s metamorphosis results in a flattened body. They look like most fish throughout their larval stages. When they enter adulthood Their bodies will be proportionate! When the flounder reaches the juvenile stage One eye moves to the top of the body from its original position on each side of the head. His living style matched his deadpan appearance perfectly.

They can weigh up to 22 pounds, depending on the breed. Some species can change their body color with coarse scales that act as camouflage at the bottom of the water. The color can be orange, green, white, or brown.

Flounder Fish Distribution, Population, and Habitat


Originating from South America, flounder live in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. However, some also live in other parts of the world, such as the coasts of Europe. northern pacific ocean and the Atlantic coast of North America.


There are approximately 240 species in two families of flounder. (Paralichthyidae and Bothidae), which has approximately 100 species in the family Plueronectidae Saltwater is home to a wide variety of life forms around the world. Found living on flat ground along the coast.

The IUCN lists the Atlantic halibut as endangered. While most species have stable conservation status.


Fish that live on the ground are called flounder. Although some people prefer freshwater flounder But most live in salt water. Few organisms can survive in freshwater bodies such as lakes, rivers, and freshwater ponds. Need brackish water which has a higher salinity level.

Although some species live in deep water. But they are also found in shallow waters of temperate and tropical oceans, such as near coasts, as ambush hunters. They spend most of their time lying on the sea floor close to the surface.

Freshwater Flounder Fish Predators and Prey

Flounder are eaten by sharks, large fish, eels and humans. They get along so well that they are difficult to identify. This reduces the chance of them being discovered by predators. Some types of fish are considered game fish. And their population is decreasing due to overfishing by humans.

to catch food quickly These ambush predators wait on the seabed until prey swims or crawls nearby. Small fish, crabs, fry, and polychaetes are their prey.

Freshwater Flounder Fish Reproduction and Lifespan

They reproduce by laying eggs. Although methods vary depending on the species. Males mate with eggs released by females into the water during reproduction, which occurs outside the body. Some species have a larger breeding range than others. And some species breed in large numbers.

The average age is eight to eleven years. Males take longer to mature than females. which will be due within one year

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q. Where are Flounder fish found?

These groundfish can be found all over the world on the sea floor. Some species are even found in river mouths. Although the flounder is native to South America, But species like summer flounder can be found in coastal and offshore waters from Florida’s east coast to Canada and Nova Scotia.

Q. What do Flounder fish eat?

Flounder are ambush predators that eat small fish, polychaetes, fry, and crustaceans. They wait for gullible prey lying near the seabed.

Q. How do Flounder fish swim?

The flounder swims in an unusual manner, lying on its side. They do not use their pectoral fins when swimming. Instead, they use a powerful tail fin. Flounder swim almost all the time. They prefer to sleep on the bottom instead.


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