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Lavender Wyandotte Chicken Breed Complete Guide In 2024

The Lavender Wyandotte Chicken is a remarkable and unusual breed, with its distinctive lavender feathers and friendly disposition. This variety combines the bright and unusual lavender color with the strong character of classic Wyandotte. Lavender Wyandot is perfect for backyard flocks because it has gorgeous gray egg layers that grow well in various conditions. Besides the visual appeal in the chicken coop, its striking appearance makes it popular among poultry enthusiasts due to its quiet and gentle nature. Lavender is highly valued in Wyandotte for both its ornamental appeal and yield

Lavender Wyandotte Personality

Lavender Wyandotte

The Lavender Wyandotte chicken is popular among chicken farmers for its sensitive and gentle nature. These chickens are laid-back and gentle, living happily in small backyard flocks or larger, more diverse flocks. His good-natured nature and reputation for being good with children add to his appeal. Like other sociable birds, the Lavender Wyandotte enjoys the company of flock members and shows interest in human caretakers. Due to its docile and friendly nature, it is a great choice for those looking for a fun companion and productive layer.

Lavender Wyandotte Temperament

The Lavender Wyandotte chicken is a great addition to your backyard flock due to its calm, friendly nature. Due to its gentle personality, this breed makes an excellent household pet as it gets along well with both humans and other chickens. The Wyandotte Lavender is very easy to handle, making it a great choice for beginners or children who want to raise chickens. His gentle personality and ability to adapt to a variety of living situations only help to make him even more appealing. All things considered, the Lavender Wyandotte’s lovable nature and beautiful appearance make it a great choice for anyone looking to add both beauty and companionship to their backyard flock.

Lavender Wyandotte Eggs

Lavender Wyandotte hens are not only prized for their luxurious feathers, but they are also consistent egg producers. These hens lay 200-240 medium to large brown eggs per year. They have reliable bedding, making them ideal for backyard flocks. Wyandottes Lavender are legendary hardy, so they can continue to lay eggs even in cold climates. Poultry enthusiasts love the chickens for their combination of productivity and visual appeal.

Lavender Wyandotte Eggs Color

Characterized by their exquisite lavender-colored feathers, Wyandotte Lavender chickens are slow to develop but lay distinctive eggs that are worth the wait. The pale pinkish pastel eggs these hens lay add a unique touch to any egg basket. Once fully grown, their distinctive egg color and consistent egg production make them an attractive addition to any backyard flock. The soft color of the eggs reflects the charm and appeal of this breed, making them more popular among poultry lovers.

Lavender Wyandotte Egg Production

Lavender Wyandotte hens are known for their delayed sexual development; they reach sexual maturity about eight months later than many other breeds. Once mature, these hens lay large quantities of cream-colored eggs, making them valuable for egg production during the first few years of their lives; however, egg production begins to decline once they reach two years of age. Despite this decline, their early egg production and the unique beauty of their pastel pink eggs make them popular among fanciers who value both visual appeal and early egg-laying ability.

Lavender Wyandotte Size

A large breed of chicken, the Wyandotte Lavender typically weighs 7-8 pounds for roosters and 5-6 pounds for hens. Its striking appearance includes yellow featherless legs, red ear bands, red wattles, and lavender-colored feathers contrasting with a bright red rose comb. Prized for their strong structure and beauty due to their size and vibrant coloring, the Wyandotte Lavender makes a visually appealing addition to any flock.

Lavender Wyandotte Vs Lavender Orpington

Both the Wyandotte Lavender and Lavender Orpington are known for their gorgeous lavender feathers and calming nature. They are slightly smaller with Wyandotte roosters weighing 7-8 pounds and hens weighing 5-6 pounds compared to Orpington roosters weighing 8-10 pounds and hens weighing 6-8 pounds. Orpingtons have a single comb while Wyandottes have a signature rose comb. Both breeds are excellent egg layers, although Orpingtons are known for their exceptional broodiness and make great mothers compared to the more egg-focused Wyandotte.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the temperament of a lavender Wyandotte?

Wyandotte Lavender chickens are friendly and have a gentle temperament. Chickens are also gentle creatures, but roosters are known for their calm nature. A recessive gene mutation that dilutes eumelanin and pheomelanin, affecting black and red or brown pigmentation, respectively, is responsible for the noticeable lavender tint.

Are Wyandottes good egg layers?

Indeed, the Wyandotte produces high-quality eggs. In the late 1800s, they were bred in upstate New York, USA, as dual-purpose chickens, showing that their good body weight and ability to lay eggs consistently made them ideal for both meat and egg production.

What breed is a lavender chicken?

The British Lavender Orpington chicken breed is renowned for its elegance. With their fluffy feathers and large, broad bodies, they are a standout in the barn.

Do Wyandotte chickens lay eggs in winter?

Yes, Wyandotte chickens typically lay eggs during the summer as well as the winter. They are known for their reliability, laying large brown eggs (approximately 200 eggs per year), making them valuable all year round.

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