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Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Python Morphs: Facts, Pictures, Appearance & Care Guide

The popular snake, Mystic Potion Ball Python, comes in many different colors. Some popular color morphs include Mystic Potion and Mojave. Due to their similarities, these two color morphs are often confused. However, there are some differences. Read on to learn more about the Mojave python ball and Mystic Potion.

Quick Facts About Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Pythons

Species Name:Python regius
Common Name:Ball Python
Care Level:Moderate
Lifespan:20-30 years
Adult Size:2-6 feet
Minimum Tank Size:30-40 gallons
Temperature & Humidity:72-80˚F (cool area), 80-85˚F (warm hide), 88-96˚F (basking area), 50-60% humidity

Do Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Pythons Make Good Pets?

In general, ball pythons are excellent pets, especially for those who are new to owning reptiles. When touched by humans, they are usually at ease, especially if this is done frequently. This makes them more socially adept by allowing them to fully acclimate to human interaction. For those looking for a reptile they can handle on a regular basis, they are an excellent choice. Their needs for care are quite simple.

Mystic Potion Ball Python Appearance

Although these two color variants are similar to one another, there are a few minor distinctions; their coloration is the primary one. The comparable appearance of both morphs is caused by a shared allele. Mystic Potion variants contain subdued markings of pink, purple, and grey, whereas Mojave morphs are characterized by their colors of grey and purple.

Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup


An adult ball python requires an aquarium that is at least 30 to 40 gallons in size. A glass vivarium is a good choice. Commercially available plastic reptile cages and bathtubs are also suitable for aquariums. Ball Python aquariums do not require any special lighting. Normal indoor or natural light is sufficient.


There is no need for specific illumination in the tank of a ball python. Normal room or natural illumination makes them happy.

Heating (Temperature & Humidity)

A ball python in an aquarium must have three different temperature zones. They need both a warm hiding place (80-85°F) and a “cool” place (72-80°F), as long as the basking area is far enough away from cooler areas. Snakes should also be able to choose the temperature range they want. The ideal temperature range for tanning is 88 to 96°F.


Substrates made from coconut shells are ideal for ball pythons, newspaper, toilet paper, and cypress mulch. Orchid peel is also a good starting material.

Feeding Your Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Python

Ball pythons are exclusively carnivorous. Therefore, additional vitamins are not required. Baby pythons may need to be fed more frequently than adults. Adults need to be fed approximately once every seven days. Adults eat small animals, such as fish, birds, mice, and rats. Small animals should be fed proportionate to their body size, such as large insects, fingerlings, and woolly mice.

Time to feed baby pythons Make sure the food is large enough to make the snake’s abdomen bulge. Do not feed live rats or mice. If you feed a snake because it doesn’t like it You could hurt it. Ball pythons are carnivores. Therefore, they have to eat the animal’s entire body to get all the nutrients they need.

Keeping Your Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Pythons Healthy

Ensuring that your baby python’s habitat is properly configured and maintained is the best way to keep your baby python healthy. Remove uneaten food from the bin immediately and do not leave dirty bedding in the bin. Maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels is important to avoid respiratory infections. Outflow problems and other health problems.

Common Health Issues

Parasitic infection respiratory disease Molting problems and rotten mouth are the most common health problems in pythons. This can usually be avoided with good environmental maintenance and care. It is unknown if the Mojave ball python and Mystic Potion ball python have health problems specific to colored morphs.

Mystic Potion Ball Python Lifespan

A python can live 20 to 30 years if properly cared for. If properly taken care of A python can live beyond this age. A ball python died at the Philadelphia Zoo in 1991 at the age of 48, making it the oldest living animal in recorded history.

Mystic Potion Ball Python Breeding

When a baby python is only two years old They can breed for up to 30 years, lay up to 11 eggs and mate from November to March. Proper aquarium conditions are important for successful breeding and reproduction.

Normally, the temperature of the aquarium will gradually change. dropped to encourage these snakes to mate. If both snakes are large and strong enough to breed safely, Add a male snake to the female’s tank. After being laid, eggs take 45 to 60 days to hatch, usually near the end of the breeding season.

Are Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Pythons Friendly? Our Handling Advice

Frequent contact with the ball It will help the python become familiar with the handler. When you bring them home for the first time It’s a good idea to let them settle for a few days before touching them. Also avoid touching them on feeding days. Familiarizing yourself with your snake is the first step in handling it carefully and gently pulling it out. Handling more often will help your snake tolerate prolonged handling.

Shedding & Brumation: What to Expect

Ball pythons must shed their skin every so often. four to six weeks The eyes may start to turn blue, cloudy, or opaque before a piece of skin peels off. If the humidity and temperature are right, it is not harmful to your health. Although their appetite may decrease in winter, But ball pythons generally don’t bite.

How Much Do Mojave and Mystic Potion Ball Python Price?

Mystic Potion ball pythons are generally much more expensive than Mojave ball pythons. Breeders should be prepared to charge between $150 and $300 for a Mojave python. The average price of a Mystic Potion ball python is around $400, but it can cost as much as $700.


Two spectacularly colored ball pythons, Mystic Potion and Mojave Ball Python, are difficult to obtain and may have to be purchased from a breeder. Both morphs are excellent companions and have no serious health problems. They require a specific aquarium structure to stay healthy. But their longevity is not a short-term commitment.


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