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The Best Rabbit Feeders: Ranked and Reviewed

In a hurry! What do rabbits feeders eat? It would be more accurate to say pellets or carrots. This is because hay is your rabbit’s main food.

In fact, your rabbit feeders should have unlimited access to premium grass. You can give your rabbit high-quality hay, such as lucerne, which is rich in calcium and protein. and helps the development of the rabbit’s body. However, if your rabbit is an adult. Instead of lucerne, feed it timothy or orchard.

Hay is very important for your rabbit’s health. However, grass is expensive and very dirty, so it’s best to buy a straw feeder for your rabbit so that the expensive hay doesn’t fall off the floor and dirty the floor of the rabbit’s cage. Because there are many hay feeders to choose from. Choosing the best feeder can seem overwhelming. Although some work well But some people don’t. All you have to do is choose the best one for your precious pet. After we check, compile and verify the process.

Top Picks: The Best Rabbit Hay Feeders Available Today

1 Best Overall: Niteangel Hay Rabbit Feeder

Top choice Of rabbit feeders, the Niteangel Hay Rabbit Feeders is one of the best solutions on the market in terms of convenience. Safety, Durability, and Appearance You’ll also appreciate that this feeder has room for hay and pellets.

You can hang the Niteangel hay rabbit feeders or keep it in a corner. This also makes it very flexible. Choose the option that best suits your rabbit. The compact design reduces clutter and the durable, long-lasting hardwood construction is safe for rabbits.

Although this type of rabbit feeders is a great buy, if your rabbit is a large breed you may need to buy something else. In addition, it is impossible to feed many rabbits at once. Don’t worry, there are some great options available with this assessment taking this into account.

2. Best Premium: Andwe Hay Rabbit Feeder with Cover

Andwe rabbit hay feeder with cover will attract your attention for its organic appearance and high hay capacity. This rabbit feeders also comes in a modern style that is easy to fill with hay and accessible to your pet.

The Andwe rabbit feeders is suitable for many rabbits due to its design. While playing or feeding The cover will help keep the hay safe. As long as you don’t crowd it. Your rabbit will not get hurt due to its smooth design and sturdy construction. The material is birch wood.

Large breed rabbits benefit greatly from this feeder. It can hold a lot of hay. Although Andwe Feeder is a little pricey, But we believe these features make it worth every penny.

3. Best for Value: SunGrow Hay Rabbit Feeder

With a great design the Sun Grow Hay Rabbit Feeders is a no mess dispenser. It is easy to care for and protects your rabbit’s food from dirt. The materials for this rabbit feeders are plastic and metal.

The straw is held in place via a retaining door that closes with a spring mechanism. A tray underneath that collects stray parts and helps prevent messes. This is another feature that reviewers like that you need horizontal cables.

However, one criticism that reviewers have of this rabbit feeders is its relatively small size. You may want to consider something else. Make our list if your rabbit likes to chew plastic. Even if there is this Feeder is still a great choice as it has other amazing features.

4. Best Metal Hay Feeder: Kaytee Hay Rabbit Feeder with Salt Hanger

The Kaytee Hay Rabbit Feeder is made entirely of metal. This is different from the feeders we have talked about. Most are made of plastic, wood, or a combination of plastic and metal, so this hay feeder might be what you’re looking for if your rabbit likes to chew on plastic.

Your rabbit’s hay will stay neat and tidy with this adjustable length feeder. There is a straw hanger which is suitable for storing snacks. Easy to install on any wire cage you may have.

However, many reviewers felt their rabbits were too small for this hay feeder. who has to add water frequently. This can cause stress in the person. Plus, your rabbit can easily tear it apart because it only has two hooks.

Choosing the Best: What to Look For

There are a few important things to keep in mind when purchasing the best rabbit hay feeder. Below we will discuss four of them:


Your rabbit should be able to chew food in a hay feeder. Your rabbit needs to know immediately if your feeder is not designed to last. There are also health risks to your rabbit from this.


The rabbit hutch and hay feeder you choose should complement each other. So make sure the cage fits and the space makes it easy to install.


Hay is a good hay feeder to feed your rabbits. So finding hay shouldn’t be too difficult. Even though the main goal is to avoid mess, your rabbit should still be able to eat comfortably.

The Different Types of Hay Rabbit Feeders: Pros and Cons Compared

There are many types of rabbit grass feeders. This review focuses on three types: wood, metal, and plastic. Below is further information regarding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of feeder.

Wooden Hay Rabbit Feeders

Hardwood or softwood can be used to make hay feeders. The ideal floor for your rabbit is hardwood. Because there is no need to worry that the rabbit will be damaged by chewing. A wooden hay feeder also enhances the appearance of your rabbit’s habitat.

Metal Hay Rabbit Feeders

Metal hay feeders also work well. This is because your rabbit cannot chew metal. However, you should be careful of sharp edges that can harm your pet.

Plastic Hay Rabbit Feeders

Hay feeders that contain entirely plastic should generally be avoided. This is especially important if your rabbit likes to chew plastic. Dirt can be dangerous, but some mixer feeders contain hard plastic so they can be used in those situations.

Verified Users’ Experiences

Niteangel Hay Rabbit Feeders

Hay feeder rabbits’ ability to feed on hay has been praised by reviewers. “Our rabbits benefit greatly from this, far beyond our ‘food bowl’. Help rabbits eat more hay. Also keep the cage neat and tidy and tape it to the sides to prevent the rabbit from moving and food spilling. The structure is good and strong. Although there is only a small amount, the pellet area is also suitable for feeding large amounts of food every day.

However, one reviewer reported that some parts of the food had fallen off. This appears to be an isolated incident. “I love this feeder! The reason I bought it was because the wire I used leaked and the grass was wasted. This one understands the problem! The rabbit has not yet been disassembled. It is worth noting that during this period of Use for several weeks The wood panel on the front quickly came off. I’m not sure why the attachment isn’t as strong, but still, it works great!”

Andwe Hay Rabbit Feeders with Cover

This rabbit hay feeder is highly praised by reviewers who say their rabbits use it with great results. “I really like this product. I don’t have to refill the bowl every day because it’s so big. It’s also long-lasting. I was afraid that rabbits would eat the bars and destroy them. But until now chewing hasn’t caused much harm. I’m glad I bought this.

These feeders can get a little messy. Especially if it is filled too full. I love this hay feeder for my buns! Because I have a giant 12 pound rabbit and this hay feeder is the same size as him. So it was much bigger than I expected. This won’t help you if the goal of your purchase is trying to reduce clutter. Digging for hay is a more interactive toy that will stimulate your pet. Hay is everywhere, so this is more of an interactive game and a neat, no-mess hay collection method than a hay feeding method.

SunGrow Hay Rabbit Feeders

SunGrow grass feeders have received positive reviews from rabbit owners who have used them. For every pet rabbit I have I buy two of these. It’s quite powerful. It really works. and easy to fill. Except for rabbits that chew grass and occasionally chew food. They managed to separate the straw and bedding. The shelves held enough food to last my pygmy lion head and medium sized lion head for about two days. This is the greatest product I have ever found and appears to be very well made. I’ve had both for a while. And I’m very excited about my purchase now.

However, one reviewer wishes the feeder was larger. “My rabbit can eat three times as much food in one day,” even though my rabbit doesn’t really know how to use it. But it’s not quite as big as I expected.

Kaytee Hay Rabbit Feeders with Salt Hanger

Kaytee hay feeder users report that they can store rabbit hay according to their needs. We have two and I love them. It contains a lot of hay if you fill it properly. and keeping our rabbit’s hutch or hutch clean It depends on whether you keep your rabbit indoors or outdoors. Here’s a photo full of oat hay. But we also use this hay trough to feed rabbits, timothy grass, and orchard grass.

However, many reviewers felt this feeder was too small and wished it was bigger. “Even though the product is high quality and durable, the design still needs some improvements. It needs to be refilled because it is too little.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Q. Which feeder type is best for a rabbit?

Some of the best rabbit feeders can be found in our evaluation. A suitable feeder should be strong, easy to assemble, and resistant to chewing. And this helps the rabbits get enough hay. They should also be able to stop messy feeding.

Q. Where do you put a rabbit hay feeder?

You can put your rabbit’s hay feeder in a corner or hang it in the cage. Depends on how to do it. Some rabbit hay feeders have mounting components that you can also use.

Q. What do you put hay in for rabbits?

Using a hay feeder is the most efficient way to do this. Hay is stored in the hay feeder until your pet is ready to eat it. So that it is not left on the floor of the cage.


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