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Rex Guinea Pigs Info: Pictures, Personality & Traits

There’s something about rex guinea pigs that makes you want to hold them and cuddle them. Wide brown eyes, messy hairstyles, and charming faces gave them a cheerful and innocent look. There are few animals cuter than Rex guinea pigs. This larger than average cave has more pleasing qualities. Rex’s sweet and charming personality makes him irresistible. But you shouldn’t just go pick up Kawhi because he seems friendly without first making sure he’s okay. Just like that, the personalities of guinea pigs vary. Situations vary too, and any animal that senses your fear or threat may bite you to get your attention. With a gentle reputation So a Rex pig is unlikely to bite your finger. Since the word “rex” means “king,” this little pig was called He is called the “King of Guinea Pigs” due to his large body and, in our opinion, extraordinary temperament. A mutation in the Rex gene in this breed gave it the nickname Rex. Their fur is rough and wooly due to the mutation. Rex guinea pigs are the largest of the domestic breeds. It grows to a gigantic size, up to 18 inches long.

Rex Guinea Pig Breed Characteristics

How Much Do Rex Guinea Pigs Price?

The Andes Mountains in South America are where guinea pigs first appeared. Guinea pigs are believed to have been domesticated around 5,000 years ago as livestock and pets (for food). Guinea pigs belong to the rodent family and are not actually pigs. Peruvians selectively bred guinea pigs between 1200 and 1500 to produce more exotic breeds. A small rodent loved by nobles. They were brought to Europe as exotic pets during the Spanish colonization of South America. Rex guinea pigs are a common and easily accessible pet these days. Shelters typically charge $10 to $40, while breeders charge $25 to $50. Be sure to factor in the cost. Paid to raise a cat Cage preparation and a bill from the veterinarian In addition to the purchase price.

Size:8 to 15 inches (up to 18 inches)
Weight:1 to 3 lbs
Lifespan:4–8 years
Similar Breeds:Teddy, Tissilar
Suitable for:First-time pet owners, children (supervised)
Temperament:Calm, sociable, friendly

Temperament & Intelligence of the Rex Guinea Pig

Rex guinea pigs are said to be very easy to raise. Although this is not always the case. But their relaxed attitude gives the impression that they are not as intelligent as other races. Rex Pig can learn simple tricks and names, and his long-term memory is strong.

Do These Guinea Pigs Make Good Pets?

rex guinea pigs

Rex pigs make great pets because they are sociable. Truly friendly and easy to get along with people Their innate friendliness makes them excellent companions for children and anyone looking for easy companionship. They enjoy spending time with their humans and being petted and brushed. Guinea Rexes are quite sensitive and should be handled with care. This is a fact that most children over the age of 9 are smart enough to understand. It is best to supervise young children when handling pigs. Although they require more care than other pets, But their grooming needs are simple. They are a great choice for children who can learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership for this additional reason. Additionally, people with allergies will greatly benefit from their unique fur. It has been proven that Rex pigs are less likely to cause allergic reactions than other pets. Although it is not considered hypoallergenic.

Does This Guinea Pig Get Along with Other Pets?

Guinea pigs are naturally afraid of other pets. Including dogs and cats Because they are animals that hunt prey. However, if these different breeds get used to each other from a young age, then while they are young they can be trained to live together harmoniously. Even though they may seem comfortable But it is doubtful that guinea pigs will be truly at peace with dogs or cats, although “hunters” may be able to relax with cats. Rex guinea pigs should only be kept with other guinea pigs.

Things to Know When Owning a Rex Guinea Pigs:

There are some basic health things to know if you just got an adorable Rex guinea pigs or are considering one. Having a general understanding of these things can help you make the best decisions for caring for your new caviar.

Food & Diet Requirements 🥕

A varied and stimulating diet that includes lots of hay, fruit and fresh vegetables. as well as high quality commercial pellets. Suitable for Rex guinea pigs, as caviar are strictly herbivores. Hay should therefore be the main part of their diet—approximately 80%. Pellets and fresh produce can account for 20% of their food waste. Make sure that both types of food are rich in vitamin C and other important nutrients such as calcium, as they are important sources of these vitamins. Rex guinea pigs are at risk of scurvy due to a lack of vitamin C if they remain It can affect your guinea pig’s immune system, joints, and skin. Guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing throughout their lives. To ensure that the teeth wear well and are not affected if hay and other fruits and vegetables are brought in, be sure to ensure that your Cavie has access to plenty of clean water at all times. It is best to use a dropper bottle to prepare.

Habitat & Enclosure Requirements 🏠

Rex guinea pigs are pack animals and are kept in pairs or large groups. The cage should be at least 7.5 square feet. 10.5 square feet will be the minimum cage size for a pair. But even if it is a single cage This size is still better. They usually prefer bigger ones because it gives them more space to explore. This will keep them happy and healthy. Your Rex pig pen should be weatherproof and safe from predators. Depends on its location There should be sufficient fresh air circulation. Aquariums and glass tanks are completely unsuitable. to prevent falling If the cage has multiple levels Walkways between floors It must be strong and safe. The best surface is smooth wood. Do not use wire for cabinet floors. This is because guinea pigs do not have shoe pads. Wire floors can therefore damage their delicate feet. and can cause a disease called bumblefoot They may be crushed or injured if their feet or toes become caught in the power lines. Each group of pigs or multiple male pigs requires a slightly larger cage. It is best to use bedding made specifically for guinea pigs. Avoid shavings made from pine or cedar as they can irritate the skin. The entire cage must be cleaned. This includes regular bedding, toys, bowls and bottles.

Exercise & Sleeping Needs 🐹

Throughout the day, your Rex guinea pigs will sleep little by little. No more than ten minutes approximately. They nap in different places. Depends on the time of day But they like having a guinea pig house to relax in when they need quiet time or a darker place. small living things These are very enthusiastic. Spend time foraging, socializing, and being curious about their environment throughout the day. It’s a good idea to take them running every day to get enough exercise. Even if their cage is the smallest A combination of running and hitting is a great option. It is not recommended to place guinea pigs on rodent exercise balls. Because it may be dangerous for them.


A smart and obedient rodent is the rex guinea pigs. Although there is usually no need to train them. But teaching them a few skills or naming them can be fun. They cannot act like dogs and cats. Because they’re not the babies with the strongest fur. Pigs that are rarely exposed are often trained to dislike being hugged and in the presence of humans. By nature, each guinea pig is unique. So you might come across some strange ones. who likes to live far away and doesn’t like social interaction.

Grooming ✂️

Rex guinea pigs have shorter, coarser fur. Therefore, maintaining a healthy coat does not require much effort. They probably don’t really need it. But they like to be touched and caressed. So you can give it with love! Regularly caring for your pig can help you spot changes in its overall health early and, if necessary, seek emergency veterinary attention. Because it is a clean animal They hardly need to bathe. If you need to take a shower, try to finish it as soon as possible so as not to increase your suffering. The easiest way to achieve this is to plan ahead and prepare well. Make sure you organize and prepare everything you need to complete your shower. This is because their toenails grow quickly. Your guinea pig’s toenails must be clipped regularly. The type, size, and amount of natural wear and tear on the toenails will determine how often they need to be trimmed. If not properly cut They can occur in and around the feet, which are generally painful but tend to cause minimal irritation. It can also cause foot dermatitis. (pododermatitis) or presser feet Both male and female guinea pigs have sebaceous glands near the base of their spines. This is approximately where the tail would be if it were present. They mark their area using a thick, oily substance secreted by these glands. Despite its excellent self-cleaning ability, But sometimes Kawhi needs help in this area. Fat accumulation can be removed with coconut oil. And oil and grease can be removed with a warm cloth. Sometimes it can be beneficial to trim the hair in the affected area.

Lifespan and Health Conditions 🏥

Rex guinea pigs are expected to live for four to eight years. You can live a longer life by feeding your guinea pig nutritious food. Visit the veterinarian regularly and provide the best living environment But keep in mind that some people are born with short lives. No matter how well they are cared for, they will not live a long and happy life. However, it is not uncommon for them to live in good health until the age of ten. Just like other animals Guinea pigs can suffer from certain health problems. When you get older Health problems are likely to increase. The following medical conditions should be taken into account:

Male vs Female

Male Rex guinea pigs are also known as wild boars. They are usually larger than female pigs. Wild boars can weigh between 2 and 3 pounds, while sows usually weigh between 1 ½ and 2 ¼ pounds. Wild boars and sows are similar in appearance. Except for size differences and important sexual characteristics. This is because they are generally more confident than sows. Wild boars may therefore be more attentive to their surroundings and easier to handle. In terms of training, they might be more accommodating. The idea that wild boars are always more aggressive than pigs is wrong. This is not true and can sometimes make adoption difficult at home. It has been proven that if you have or want to raise a large herd of more than 3 pigs, generally Females live together more harmoniously. Healthy social bickering will still occur to some extent. Males, on the other hand, will live in pairs or trios if you only want to keep two or three burrows. A large herd of pigs seems like a difficult place for a wild boar to live. Both genders experience different health problems as we age. In addition, unsterilized cavities can be more vulnerable to health problems. It is best to discuss the health benefits of spaying or neutering a male or female pig with your veterinarian.

3 Little-Known Facts About Rex Guinea Pigs

1.Their Coats Have No Guard Hairs

The Guinea Rex’s coat does not have guard hair due to a genetic abnormality. Longer fur, called “protective hair,” protects the pig from scratches and makes its fur more water resistant. The guard hair is surrounded by several short hairs. This mutation can sometimes cause whiskers and curly hair. Many species are affected by the Rex mutation.

2. When They’re Happy Rex Guinea Pigs Popcorn

Cavy will happily leap into the air with a sudden explosion. Behavior that is affectionately called “popcorn”! When a new guinea pig owner notices this for the first time This might be shocking. But this is normal and healthy. Although young animals seem to show this symptom more often. But sometimes older pigs like popcorn!

3. They Don’t Sleep Very Much

Guinea pigs sleep only four to six hours every night. twenty four hours It is divided into By taking several small “power naps” instead of one long block, older pigs may fall asleep for half an hour.

Final Thoughts

Rex Guinea Pigs: What’s Not to Love About Them? They are cute and charming animals. Those who enter their owner’s heart and grow to love them. Loved because of his relaxed and friendly demeanor. This makes it ideal for pet owners or children. who just raised it for the first time This is due to their large size (in some cases) and soft fur that makes them look like a porcupine. Rex guinea pigs are therefore unusual in the world of caged pets. Although maintenance is not difficult. But it takes a lot of time to procure. We think this is a good use of time. They deserve a special hug from Rex as a reward for keeping them neat, nice and happy.


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