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Scaleless Corn Snake Breed Complete Guide in 2024

Despite their unfavourable reputation in many households, snakes make wonderful pets, and the Scaleless Corn Snake is a fantastic option for both novice and experienced handlers. However, what makes them such a good option, and what is their price?
We’ve broken down all the information you need to recognise, take care of, and buy one of these stunning reptiles in this guide.

Scaleless Corn Snake Facts

Species Name:Pantherophis guttatus
Common Name:Scaleless Corn Snake
Care Level:Low
Lifespan:20 to 25 years
Adult Size:2 to 6 feet
Diet:Mice / rats
Minimum Tank Size:20-gallon (long aquarium)
Temperature & Humidity:70- to 88-degree-Fahrenheit temperature gradient, 90-degree-Fahrenheit basking surface, 65-75% humidity

Do Scaleless Corn Snakes Make Good Pets?

Particularly for those who are new to owning snakes, scaleless corns snakes make wonderful pets. You may choose a snake that is the ideal size for your house because they are available in a variety of sizes. They are easy to handle because to their moderate demeanour and long longevity.
They also follow an easy-to-maintain, straightforward diet. All that’s left to do is feed them and keep their enclosure clean once it’s set up. A Scaleless Corns Snake is a wonderful addition to any home because they require little care while you’re busy and make excellent friends when you have spare time.


Describe their colouring and general appearance can be difficult because scaleless corns snakes have varied markings on them and come in a variety of colours. But as their name suggests, these snakes are scaleless.
Rather, they have non-hard skin that functions similarly to scales. Although this isn’t ideal for a wild snake, it’s a fascinating characteristic that makes them stand out from the others in captivity.

How to Take Care of Scaleless Corn Snakes

Habitat, Tank Conditions & Setup


Although the recommended minimum cage size is 20 gallons, that is just for tiny scaleless corn snakes (about 2 feet). We advise putting full-sized Scaleless Corns Snakes in cages that hold at least 30 gallons.
Moreover, the container must have a tight combat cover and three of its four sides blacked out. If not, your Scaleless Corns Snake will get away from you when you’re not looking.


Although there is no need for specific lighting for your scaled corn snake, some research has shown that a tiny quantity of UVB light is beneficial to the health of scaled corn snakes. It’s advisable to place a tiny UVB light above the enclosure just to be safe.
They require 11 to 12 hours of light per day, but before going to bed, turn out the lights.

Heating (Temperature & Humidity)

Since scaleless corn snakes are unable to control their body temperature, it is crucial to create a temperature gradient in the tank. The temperature of the tank should be at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit on the colder side and between 80 and 85 degrees on the other. Include a space for basking that is at least ninety degrees Fahrenheit as well.
The optimal humidity range for scaleless corn snakes is between 65% and 75%. This can be accomplished by choosing a substrate that holds moisture and watering occasionally.


The Scaleless Corn Snake is not very particular about its substrate, much like most snakes. Just make sure you select something that will allow them to burrow and hold onto moisture. While there are many excellent options available, we prefer cypress mulch.
Just stay away from wood chips like pine, cedar and others, since these can cause a neurological reaction that will kill your Scaleless Corn Snake.

Tank Recommendations

Tank Type:30-gallon enclosure
Lighting:Low-level UVB lighting
Heating:70- to 85-degree-Fahrenheit gradient, 90-degree-Fahrenheit basking area, and 65-75% humidity
Best Substrate:Cypress mulch

Feeding Your Scaleless Corn Snake

In captivity, your Scaleless Corn Snake doesn’t require a varied diet, just like most other snakes do. You should give your adolescent snake one frozen or thawed mouse two to three times a week.
As an adult, you should reduce the frequency of these feedings to once a week; however, you may need to switch from mice to rats. Just make sure that the rodent’s largest part doesn’t exceed the width of your scaleless corn snake to obtain the right size.
Remember that your Scaleless Corn Snake will probably become less hungry before shedding and during brumation.


The lifespan of the Scaleless Corn Snake is not too long. They have a 20 to 25 year lifespan in captivity. When making a purchase, bear in mind that a Scaleless Corn Snake is an investment that will probably last a long time in your family.
Thus, make sure you’re prepared to make a long-term investment. If not, you’ll eventually have to locate your snake a new home.

Common Health Issues

  • Respiratory issues
  • Dysecdysis
  • Blister disease
  • Parasites
  • Obesity


Breeding a Scaleless Corn Snake is significantly simpler than with other snake species. That does not imply that it is very simple, though. The two snakes must first be ran through brumation, and their introduction should only occur in the spring.
When the snakes become too combative, watch them while they’re together and try again the following day. After the snakes have mated, wait for the day to separate them. The following day, reintroduce them, and so on, until you are certain that the female is gravid.
As soon as the eggs hatch, try to separate them. Don’t reintroduce hatchling snakes to their parents because they are independent from the moment they emerge.

Are Scaleless Corn Snakes Friendly? Our Handling Advice

We suggest scaleless corn snakes for inexperienced snake handlers since they are among the friendliest snakes available. To help your Scaleless Corn Snakes become accustomed to handling early, make sure to do so.
The easiest method to avoid getting nipped is to start with short sessions and gradually extend them. Remember that tamed snakes are significantly less aggressive than those that are captured in the wild.
All in all, though, these snakes are very amiable and hardly bite, which is a major factor in their popularity.

How Much Do Scaleless Corn Snakes Price?

There’s no reason you can’t obtain a Scaleless Corn Snake for around $150 if you’re not finicky about the kind you get. However, you may easily spend $700 or more on unique colouring and styles! In actuality, the most costly Scaleless Corn Snake we discovered cost more than $2,000!
You can pay as much or as little as you like for a Scaleless Corn Snake because it all depends on what you’re searching for.


Why not get a Scaleless Corn Snake for your new snake if you want one in your house? Their easygoing demeanour makes them a good choice for folks who don’t want their snake to nip them. They are a unique specimen that you won’t likely discover in the wild. What are you waiting for? They are also reasonably priced and usually require little maintenance.


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