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The 170 Best and Most Iconic Elephant Names

Elephant Names are impressive animals, characterized by their large size, thick skin, and prominent trunks. These creatures do not stop eating and recognize more than 100 different cries made by other elephants.

Apart from their beauty, we will discuss the names of elephants in this book. We’ve got the imaginative names you want, from mighty names like Big Boy to timeless names like Dumbo. Take a look and enjoy! You will finally be able to determine the right name for your elephant friend after you finish reading. Elephant Names are impressive animals

Circus and Clown-Themed Elephant Names

elephant names
  1. Acrobella
  2. Aerialist
  3. Applause
  4. Barnum
  5. Bibbo
  6. Big Top
  7. Bigwig
  8. Binky
  9. Blütchen
  10. Boomer
  11. Bouncey Breezy
  12. Bubbles
  13. Bunker
  14. Bumper cars
  15. Buzzy
  16. Cannonball
  17. Captain Spaulding
  18. Carnival
  19. Carousel
  20. Cécile
  21. Cirkus
  22. Circus
  23. Circ
  24. Chuckleberry
  25. Chuckles
  26. Clown
  27. Contortion
  28. Coupe
  29. Crazy Clown
  30. Daisy
  31. Devlin
  32. Dazzle
  33. Dizzy Dapper
  34. Doodles
  35. Dynamo
  36. Elephant
  37. Elefun
  38. Emmet
  39. Flapjack
  40. Flibberty
  41. Frizzle Frazzle
  42. Giggles
  43. Go-go
  44. Giant
  45. Glimmer Gladys
  46. Gobble Giggles
  47. Grinny
  48. Guffaw Gilly
  49. Hoopla
  50. Houdini
  51. Jester
  52. JoJo
  53. Jolly Jacko
  54. Juggler
  55. Jumbo (The name of the biggest circus elephant ever!)
  56. Jumbo Jr.
  57. Kazoo
  58. Krusty the Clown
  59. Lennon
  60. Lion
  61. Lolly Lark
  62. Lulu
  63. Magician
  64. Marvello
  65. Nimbus
  66. Noodles
  67. Oz
  68. Patches
  69. Pennywise
  70. Puddles
  71. Puddles Pippin
  72. Pippin
  73. Popcorn
  74. Razzle
  75. Ringling
  76. Ringmaster
  77. Scooter
  78. Silly Billy
  79. Sideshow
  80. Snickerdoodle
  81. Snickers
  82. Snuffles
  83. Sparky
  84. Stark
  85. Sutherland
  86. Tangle
  87. Tent
  88. Thumb
  89. Tootsie Toot
  90. Toots
  91. Topsy-Turvy
  92. Trapeze
  93. Trampoline
  94. Waggles
  95. Wagner
  96. Whiskers
  97. Wiggles
  98. Wiffy Wags
  99. Willa
  100. Willie
  101. Ziggy

Elephant Names Inspired From Stories and Literature

elephant names
©Guenter Guni/iStock via Getty Images

Horton: The main character Dr. Horton. Seuss “Horton Breaks an Egg” and “Horton Listens to Someone!” known for his generosity and commitment. It tries to protect the bed with minimal maintenance and dust. Elephant Names are impressive animals
Tantor: Tarzan and Jane are best friends with Tantor, the neurotic elephant from Disney’s “Tarzan.” The music provides comic relief.
Hathi: A wise leader who applies ancient wisdom and a commitment to the laws of the jungle, Hathi is a character from “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling.
Mrs. Jumbo: A symbol of maternal love and courage, Mrs. Jumbo bravely defends herself. Jumbo’s son, Dumbo, for being teased and mistreated in Disney’s “Dumbo”.
Babar the Elephant:Babar is the clever king of Celesteville who exemplifies courage, cunning, and leadership. This is best known from the writings of Jean de Brunhoff.
Dumbo: The Disney character Dumbo teaches an important lesson about self-acceptance when he bounces his big ears.
Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant:A beautiful and interesting read from “Adventure Time”, War Elephant Tandem Old Man Spirit is about guiding the main character and having spiritual power.
Flaps the Elephant: With his simple, charming demeanor, Flaps from Disney’s “The Jungle Book” delivers cuteness.
Rocky: From the TV show “The Jungle Book”, Rocky is a strong and kind person who is always ready to help his friends.
Winifred: Standing in for Colonel Hathi, Winifred from Disney’s “The Jungle Book” navigates his difficult path with compassion and empathy.

Big Elephant Names Elephants

elephant names
©Dennis W Donohue/Shutterstock.com
  1. Tornado
  2. Zephyr
  3. Blaze
  4. Thunder
  5. Tsunami
  6. Godzilla
  7. T-Rex
  8. Rocky
  9. Yeti
  10. Goliath
  11. Rex
  12. Spike
  13. Titan
  14. Roar
  15. Jumbo
  16. Mammoth
  17. Behemoth
  18. Colossus
  19. Maximus
  20. Hercules
  21. Everest
  22. Atlas
  23. King Kong
  24. Bigfoot
  25. Avalanche
  26. Tundra
  27. Odin
  28. Zeus
  29. Brutus
  30. Draco
  31. Jurassic
  32. Shadow
  33. Niagra Falls
  34. Mucho Grande
  35. Mr. Big
  36. Big Boy
  37. Big Girl
  38. Biggie

Super Sized Characters from Cartoons and Comics

elephant names
©Michael Wick/Shutterstock.com

Snorky: Silent Elephant From “Banana Splits Adventure Hour”, Snorky uses sound to communicate.
Hathi Jr.: Hathi’s sons, who played a role in the film “The Jungle Book”, are ready to pass on their father’s knowledge and preserve the jungle culture.
Lumpy: From Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh”, Lumpy befriends Roo and gains deep knowledge and understanding.
Ma Tembo: Supporter of the elephant herd, Ma Tembo appears in the Disney film “The Lion Guard” and tries to resolve the conflict.
Lulu: Lulu is a happy young elephant who helps protect the Pride Lands in “The Lion Guard”.
Mabaya: Initially fearful, Mabaya of “The Lion Guard” has come to believe in the Lion Guard and fight for the progress of the proud country.
Dania: Another elephant from “The Lion Guard”, Dania is considered the leader of the herd and is wise and intelligent.
Welephant: With his good nature and love of dancing, Welephant from “The Lion Guard” brings joy and happiness to everyone.
Lotsa Heart Elephant: Like the members of Cousins​​​​Care Bear, Lotsa Heart Elephant from the “Care Bears” series shows affection and care.

Elephant Names Inspired by Children’s Books

elephant names

Bobo the Elephant Names: is a kind and loving character who often appears in children’s books. Because of his playfulness, Bobo continues to get involved in the activities of other animals.
Pak E. Derm: Known for his sense of humor, Mr. E. Derm is a punk character whose name is a pun on the word “pachyderm”, often used in comics and films.
Sappy Stanley: A fun and emotional character who brings interesting moments to the story.
Tanya Trunk: is passionate and energetic when it comes to comedy and drama. The name is a play on the elephant large nose.
Nelson the Elephant: Featured in children’s books and cartoons, Nelson is a character known for his adventurous spirit.
Ned the Elephant: Ned is portrayed as a loving and kind man, who emphasizes compassion and teamwork throughout his journey. Ned values friendship and teamwork.
Pak E. Derm: In children’s novels and lore, wise men and mothers provide comfort and guidance through their gentle natures.
Pellefant: Pellefant has an inspiring spirit and a playful attitude. He faces many obstacles during his exciting journey.
Bholu: A reliable and trustworthy character of ‘Chacha Chaudhary’, Bholu helps the hero solve puzzles and defeat the villain.
Olli: Known for his kind wildlife and daring spirit, Olli embarks on a harmonious adventure where he learns profound lessons about courage and relationship.
Elmer the Patchwork Elephant: In David McKee’s delightful series of children’s records, Elmer’s kindness teaches children about getting and diversity.
Ellie the Elephant: During her expedition in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs”, Ellie, a daring and kind mother, makes sturdy friends.
Elmer Elephant: Elmer, portrayed as a brave and friendly character in many Disney films, takes on bullies on his shows.


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